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Designers frame up websites and make them look great while developers make websites work.                 more..


We at Softnet realize that the world's economy today is a living, transforming, evolving and homogenizing system circling around customer demand. In order for our economy to excel and harmonize globally, our business strategies should be planned by carefully examining of our customer's profiles and provide service to their satisfaction with the best of global innovations. The growth of Information Technology industry worldwide has also led to new scopes of development. Customer's awareness of quality and economy drives strong forces of competition and innovation in today's IT industry.
Ours is a vision of fair value: providing more for the amount of resources you invest. Ours is a vision of quality.

Through expereince and talent we have established a successful profile built on high quality and customer satisfaction. We realized that consistant and recurrent customer satisfaction is essential for long-term survival in an evolving and highly competive marketplace. Customers assess the quality of work according to certain expectations. We provide globally proven quality standards of service.

Our competitiveness is achieved by continuous business reengineering efforts and the application of total quality management concepts. The objective is to define a structured system for satisfying customers by integrating business environment with development and maintenance cycles.

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