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    Message from chairman



Welcome to the new and improved Information technology company in Abu Dhabi!

This is just part of our continuing efforts to make the community of the Middle East addicted of having the best from the latest technologies available on the planet. Softnet staff is user-friendly and responsive to all your IT needs. Hopefully you will find the answers to all of your questions here at If not, let us know, and we will work to try and add the information you need.

This is an exciting time to adapt the latest technologies, especially in this region! We have a challenging road ahead of us, and through a united effort, we will work towards winning the confidence of yours as an IT support firm for your IT needs. UAESOFTNET - our online portal will bring many opportunities for you to victor the IT challenges in your career / daily life. In this computer oriented life we should not be scared of using the latest technology where we are here to provide you all the required information before the promised time. As we see the time challenge for us we have short time and more work only IT can reduce this burden from your shoulders by making your life easier. We love to get the information required by sitting at our premises therefore UAESOFTNET will be the one to assist you every where.

We promise to provide you the best services so that you could easily face the challenges of these technologies ahead in future.

To make every product successful, customers feed back is important Therefore If you are willing to see us as the PERFECT please get involved and write emails to the suggestion corner i.e Every contribution is an important one, so whether it is a minor or not, your contributions are important to make it more.

V.V Fakaruddeen
SOFTNET  Technologies


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